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inglese Servant of God Chiara Corbella Petrillo

Rome, 21st September 2018. Rite of opening of the Cause for beatification of Chiara.

Dear Friends, I announce with great joy that, on the 21st of September at mid-day in the Lateran Basilica of St John, the process for the Cause of beatification of the Servant of God, Chiara Corbella Petrillo will be officially opened. The date that the Church has chosen is not by chance: for on that day occurs the anniversary of the wedding of Chiara and Enrico, the way of sanctity that Chiara had chosen to enter into communion with the heavenly Father.

With the recent Edict of the 2nd of July, the Vicariate of Rome recognized, in an amazingly short time, the Fame of Sanctity of the young wife and mother, thus opening the way to the first session of what will be a real investigation to prove the heroic exercise of the Christian virtues by Chiara.

The ceremony, at which the Cardinal Vicar, Mons. Angelo De Donatis, will preside, will consist of the Reading of the Decree of the Introduction of the Cause for beatification, the installation and swearing-in of the members of the diocesan Tribunal, who will pass judgment on the exemplarity of Chiara’s life.

This is a public event to which all are invited to take part!

In quite an exceptional manner, given the great interest that her story has aroused in the faithful, and not just in them, St John’s basilica on the Lateran hill, the mother of all Churches, was chosen for this ceremony.

To support this great work of the Church, at four in the afternoon we will celebrate Mass in the Basilica of St Lawrence, to invoke the assistance of the Holy Spirit on all those who will take part in this process.

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